Internship Assistance

Why do you need an Internship Assistance?

The biggest problem for International students is to get their career started because of lack of local experience. We can help you in getting the ball rolling.

The Internship programs offered can help you to get the experience that you wanted. Our alliance with various institutions and many companies can assist you in kick starting your career by helping you in acquiring the adequate skills required in the Industry and hence boosting your employment opportunities.

Why to say yes for an Internship?

The level of competition has been increasing over the years. In such scenarios, International students often find it difficult to get hold of a job in their desired industry. Getting matriculated in an Internship programs can not only enhance your chances of securing a good job but an help you improve various other Employability skills that employers look for in potential employees such as:
● Improve Verbal and Non verbal Communication skills
● Work in a team based environment
● Critical problem solving
● Planning and organizing the tasks in hand
● Gain exposure on the latest technologies
● Opportunity to gain the practical knowledge in your area of study

What to do first?

Book an appointment with one of our professionals who will help you through the process. Study Path in collaboration with various Institutions and companies will help you get the most suitable internship position that best matches your requirements and niche.

Available Positions

In alliance with many firms, there is a wide range of internship positions you could choose from. We could help you in selecting the most suitable position that best suits your requirements. Some of those positions are:
● IT Support and Network Engineer
● Accountant
● Marketing Executive
● Project Manager
● Software Engineer
● Event Manager
● Graphic Designer
● Hotel Manager
● Office Administrator

Paid or Unpaid Internship

It depends on the host company if they want to pay the hired intern. The work experience gained and the professional network built through the internship is more valuable than money as it could help in securing a better position in the industry.

After the Internship is finished

Once the internship is finished, it depends on the host company whether or not they want to offer a job after the internship period. The host company will offer a job if they think that you are right for the position based on your performance. From our past experience, 85% of our interns were offered a job at the same company and you could be the one among them as well.

To secure an internship, contact our experts today!